Psychosocial Services (Counseling)

KIBCo Psychosocial Services (Counseling) department focuses on the provision of quality psychological and counseling services for individuals, groups, marriage, families and organizations/Institutions. The unit has a pool of counselors specialists in different areas. For example Mariage and Family Therapy; Crisis management and counseling including Trauma counseling and critical incident debriefing; HIV and AIDS in a clinical and Community setting; Chemical dependency and addiction counseling; Chemical dependency and addiction counseling;  Child and adolescent counseling; Career and Vocational guidance and counseling; Counselling for special needs and disabilities; Workplace counseling and other form of counseling. 

KIBCo receives clients who voluntarily seek counseling services and builds partnerships with institutions, corporations, agencies, and organizations requiring psychosocial wellness services.

All KIBCo counselors and supervisors are highly competent and have grounded experience. Their functions and practice are guided by recognized codes of ethics and relevant legislation/Acts. The feedback provided by our clients has demonstrated that KIBCo counseling psychologists and counselor supervisors are of high repute.

We offer the following Counseling services:

  1. Individual, Couples & Group Counseling
  2. Marriage and Family Therapy
  3. Chemical Dependency and addiction Counselling
  4. Child and Adolescent Counselling
  5. Career and Vocational Guidance and Counselling
  6. Counselling for special needs and disabilities
  7. Workplace Counselling
  8. Clinical services
  9. Psychological Assessments
  10. Drug testing & Report
  11. Psychometric Testing

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